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KPR have been suppliers of software and hardware systems to meet the changing needs of local authority and private sector clients across a variety of niche and mainstream payment and management solutions since 1973 and have always maintained high levels of customer service and support.

We are small enough to care but large enough to cope with the needs of all current and future clients. KPR have built a reputation for being flexible and able to deliver, where bigger organisations have failed, so if you need a software solution for your payment or management process contact KPR today.


We are an independent software and Hardware supplier based in the West Midlands with over 40 years experience.

If you have a space that needs to be booked managed and paid for MACCS can facilitate your needs. Configure it for Markets, Town Centre Units, Caravan Parks, Allotments, Theatres, Car Boot sales or any other situation you can imagine.

We introduced payment kiosks into local authorities, we were responsible for the first truly markets specific software package MACCS 2, we provide payment kiosks, mobile card payments systems, management software 

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