BIRMINGHAM'S Successful Self Service Market

Fri, 12 Aug 2016

Birmingham City Council Markets have now been successfully running the MACCS 2 system in conjunction with a KPR Markets payment kiosk for almost a year now. The project was inspired by the need to reduce the risk and costs of collecting cash on a busy market. Whilst traders still wanted to pay their rents by cash, the local authority wnated to reduce the danger of their staff walking around with large sums of money and the associated costs of collecting and banking. The KPR Kiosk enabled the council to stop using their staff to collect tolls and put the emphasis on the traders to pay their tolls into the kiosk themselves, providing the ideal situation for both parties, the traders can stillpay by cash, and incidently the traders now have a much larger payment window to "find" their rent too as the kiosk runs all day, and the council staff are no longer carrying large sums of money around in a public place. On top of those advantages the kiosk also checks every note and coin that is paid into the kiosk and rejects any fruadulant currency. The market officers now carry a Windows 10 tablet around with them that links directly to the MACCS kiosk and informs them of who has and who has not paid their rent and so they can visit that trrader and advise them it's time to visit the kiosk and pay. The tablets also have the ability to allocate casuals to stalls or move regular traders to different stalls if required, updating the kiosk using Wifi or 4G. Officers can also take pictures of PLI details on the tablet and download them to the MACCS 2 document management system, as well as taking pictures of traders or rule infringments to use in the MACCS 2 disciplianry section of the system. Reminders of Insurance expiry, holidays entitlement, Visa expiry, or PAT testing expiry can also be flagged up for the market officers as they spend their time managing the market instead of collecting rents!

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