Residential Lettings Payment Kiosks

Swattons Andover Ltd is a property lettings company and has been in residential lettings for over 30 years. We decided to move on from old fashioned rent collecting to kiosk payments in Andover and Tidworth in 2011, when our rent collector was due to retire at the end of July 2011.

As a company we felt that to move forward with the times, we needed to have a payment system other than cash or cheque method and a system that would suit tenants who wished to pay by cash, credit or debit card on a weekly or monthly basis that would be easier and more convenient to use.

The kiosks were installed and ready for use in September 2011. Apart from the initial teething problems as with most new systems, the kiosks have been reliable and safe and we have received good feedback from the tenants regarding this service. They have also reduced the cost of our overheads, as the need to rent collect, count money and update tenants accounts has been superseded by a quick and easy system that does it all for us.

The kiosks have proved very popular with tenants as they provide flexibility to pay rent at any time of day or night and on the day they choose, rather than a set day and time for us to call.

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