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Q. Sumup Card Payments with KPR

A. Where can I order my Card reader from ?

Go to   www.sumup.co.uk/kpr

What are the charges?

Other than the cost of the chip and pin unit which depending on what you want are £19 or £29 there are no other costs than the 1.69% per transaction

What support do I get?

You can contact KPR or Sumup, kpr on the usual support number or Sumup on https://help.sumup.com/hc/en-gb/articles/115001082934-Contact-details

Is there a fixed term contract?

No you have complete freedom to stop using the system anytime you like if your not happy with it, we are sure however it will work perfectly for you.

What sort of signal do I need to use the card read? There is no such thing as not getting a signal with Sumup the air readers only work in combination with an app - in this case we present an integrated solution to the MACCS app.

Will there be extra charges incurred for the link up to MACCS?

No there will be no extra charges from KPR or Sumup/