GO Cashless through MACCS and Sumup

KPR has teamed up with Sumup to provide our users with the ability to take card payments from their customers through MACCS for more information please contact sales on 01902 710054 

'KPR Midlink and SumUp believe in supporting merchants of all shapes and sizes. We are here to provide them with a technology that anyone can use - so merchants can get on with what they do best. From paperless onboarding to taking the first payment, SumUp makes it easy. SumUp readers are durable and user-friendly. SumUp's offer comes with no monthly subscription, no contractual agreement, no support fees, no hidden fees - just the one-off cost for the reader coupled with lowest on the market transaction fee.''

Information on SumUp's USPs as bullet points - TO ORDER YOUR CARD READER GO TO www.sumup.co.uk/kpr 


·  Simple Pay-as-you-go Pricing without fixed costs

·  No contract, 5 minutes online registration

·  Attractive Terminal one-off price


·  Integrated

·  Secure - fully PCI compliant

·  Proprietary - Beautifully designed in Berlin

·  Mobile - Accept payments on the go

·  Fast transactions - Charging station keeps terminal always on

·  Accept major debit & credit cards, ready for contactless (incl. Apple, Google, Samsung Pay)


·  The leading mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) company in Europe

·  1 Million active merchants in 31 countries

·  3,000 new merchants choose SumUp per day

·  SumUp is authorized as a Payment Institution by the Financial Conduct Authority and is EMV and PCI-DSS certified.

·  SumUp has more than 1,500 employees in 14 offices all around the world.

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