Letting: Residential Lettings and payments

  • A payment system that would suit tenants who wished to pay by cash, credit or debit card on a weekly or monthly basis that is easier and more convenient to use.

  • Payments from tenants who don’t have a bank account and can’t pay by direct debit

  • The handheld can hold tenant information and you can view documents or even take pictures of documents and down load them into their tenant account.

  • They reduce the time it takes to update tenants accounts and check information as the system does it all for you

  • There is also a payment kiosk option, kiosks will prove popular with your tenants as they provide flexibility to pay rent at any time of day or night and on the day they choose, rather than a set day and time for the landlord to call.

  • The kiosk will benefit your company and take the risk and drudgery out of collecting rent if you prefer not to collect door to door.

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